Are there sandy beaches nearby? Can I walk to them? Yes! Brant Rock beach is a 3-4 minute stroll from The Pryor House.

Do you allow pets? At this time we consider dogs. There is a $75/pet fee upon approval. Please contact Mike, the owner, for full details.

Is the road in front of the home busy? Not really. The road ends at a dead end, so not many cars drive by.

Is there cable and Wifi? Yes. The home has high-speed FIOS service available via Wifi. There is also full HD Cable packages for both HD TVs.

How many parking spots are there? We say that 3-4 cars can park comfortably in our spaces. More can fit however, so please ask us if you plan to have more than 4 cars at one time and we’ll let you know how to fit more.

What beach do you recommend? Brant Rock beach is a beautiful, sandy, calm-wave beach. If you want to mix things up, visit these as well: Definitely take a drive to Duxbury Beach. In addition Green Harbor beach and Blue Fish Cove are two favorites of ours. Rexhame beach can get crowded, but is quite popular.

Does Marshfield have beach stickers for short term vacationers? Yes, and they are not very expensive. If you are staying more than a few days, we recommend purchasing one. Contact us for details.